Addergoole And Emmigration

"The Addergoole Fourteen represented a community that by 1912 had seen itself decimated due to hunger, disease, death and emigration during and directly after the Great Irish Famine.

They had witnessed the community rebuild itself during the economic recovery of the late 1860s and 1870s. The livelihood that was derived from subsistence agricultural farming was devastated due to bad weather, poor harvests, decline in agricultural prices, and an increase in competition from abroad and eventual emigration."

Source: Alex Dylan Nolan: A Comparative Case Study of The Fourteen Emigrants of the Parish of Addergoole, County Mayo, who boarded the RMS Titanic -Migration, Memory and Reflection, 2007.

Here are pictures of Lahardane just prior to 1912 and five of Addergoole's victims, along with faimily photographs and photographs of the brother or sister they were travelling to in USA.

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