Dreams Lost in Ice

John O Hagan is from Swinford in Co Mayo. He is very interested in History and the plight of the Irish, and has written several poems including; Coffin Ships and the Banshee. Here is John's Titanic tribute.

Dreams Lost In Ice is dedicated to the eleven people from Addergoole Parish and the Castlebar crew member, who lost their lives in the Titanic tragedy, and all those other unfortunate people, passengers and crew who perished in that maritime disaster.

Dreams Lost In Ice

All my neighbours had gathered round to say, "Farewell" to me
For the greatest ship that was ever built, aboard it I will be.

My father says; "It's a chance you'll get in a lifetime" and everyone did agree,
So dry your tears and be happy, for this is your destiny.

This ship was built in Belfast by the sweat of many's the man's brow,
All the people around the world are focused on it now.

The ship left Southhampton for Queenstown in County Cork,
And once we all got on board, it will be full steam to New York.

As we make our way on the Ship of Dreams, we get a report of ice in our way,
No one seems to care, we are all just wondering how fast it will get us there.

Suddenly, we hit an iceberg that rips our ship apart,
Our Ship of Dreams, has turned into the Ship of Screams
That puts fear in everyone's hearts.
When that great vessel slowly sank to the sea floor,
Over fifteen hundred heartbeats soon would beat no more.

Once every one hundred years, all them souls come back to where they were born,
And visit the place where the ship went down and just like mine,
They remember their ‘American Dream' that was frozen in time!


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