The Addergoole Titanic Story

At the end of November 2010, Pauline Barrett, a relative of James Flynn from Addergoole who lost his life when RMS Titanic sank, published her book: The Addergoole Titanic Story. Tom Shiel, reporting for the Connaught Telegraph on the launch in Lahardane, wrote on 25th November.

"Pauline Barrett, in her just published The Addergoole Titanic Story, combines the precision of the historian with undoubted talent as a writer. What novelist would not be proud to pen the following, vivid, description of the April morning in 1912 when the 14 young people from Addergoole Parish (Lahardane) placed their meagre luggage on a side car in preparation for the long journey to Queenstown (Cobh) Harbour? She wrote:

"Day was just breaking and within the hour it would be time to leave. A sadness lingered in every home that morning of departure and in every kitchen an emptiness, broken only by the echo of shoes across the flag floor, or the gentle swish of a garment. Little was spoken. In those final moments who can say what ran through the minds of our emigrants, knowing that very soon they would be parting from their loved ones. Walking out the door of their childhood homes, maybe for the very last time and never again seeing mother, father, sister brother or neighbour."

The first edition is now out of print! The Addergoole Titanic Story (80 pages with several photographs) is the second edition with a further 1,000 copies printed. The book costs €12.99 plus postage. Click here to purchase Pauline's book.

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