Titanic Furniture Tale

One evening, just before a Society meeting, Maeve O'Dea who has recently moved into Lahardane from Dublin gave the Society this photograph and told us:

"The writing desk is from the Titanic. It originally belonged to an underwriter for Lloyds of London. When he died his sister gave it to my friend. There were originally two identical writing desks; one was destroyed in a fire. The Lloyds' underwriter knew someone who worked for Harland and Wolfe. They bought both writing desks.

The two writing desks were removed from the Titanic the night before it sailed, and were bought very shortly after the sinking in 1912. Nobody knew then what a legend Titanic would become.

The desk has the number 62 stencilled on its underside. It has weights to keep it steady. The Promenade Suites had corner desks, and it is said to be from that area of the ship. The writing desks on the Olympic were slightly different."

We were speechless!

After Titanic sank craftsman must have been reproduced furniture as the interest in Titanic memorabilia grew. How can you tell a genuine piece of furniture from one made after the sinking, or can you?

Please Contact Us if you can shed light on this.

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