Great Gaelic Scholar

Mícheál O'Tiomnaidhe is a famous Gaelic scholar, Irish writer and folklore collector.

He was born in Cartoon on 20th September 1853 and baptized two days later in St Patrick's Church, Lahardane.

He immigrated to England and from there to Australia. For twenty-two years he lived and worked in the gold fields and on the sheep farms, shearing and hauling wool.

Mícheál has many literary works to his name including; Amhrán Gaedhilge an Larthair, Scéalta Gearra, Lampa Draoidheachta and Leabhra Filidheachta.

His collection of stories and tales, now in the archives of University College Dublin, is recognised as one of the most important of that period.

Mícheál O'Tiomnaidhe died in March 1940, aged 86 years and is buried in Killmurray Cemetery in Crossmolina Parish.


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In 1937 Micheál Ó'Tiomanáidhe erected the Fr Conroy Monumment and funded the purchase and installation of a bell for St Patrick's Church in Lahardane. It is this bell that tolls uniquely in the early hours of 15th April each year to honour the memory of those who sailed on the ill-fated Titanic. Over the winter of 2009-10 both the Timoney Bell and the Conroy Monument were restored by a Timoney descendant. On Sunday 7th March 2010 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Micheál's death the restored bell and memorial were un veiled.

If you require further information then please contact one of Michael Timoney's descendants. Click here to email Christina Bourke.


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